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    Post by UraniumBikini on Thu 20 Jun 2019, 3:57 pm

    Sofia is a magical girl standing at 5''6 and is 23 years old.


    Normal: Sofia is a medium build with a c-cup. Her hair is pink and goes down just below the ears.
    She wears a white crop-top hoodie with a picture of a pink bunny head. And she also wears small white jean shorts.
    Her eyes are blue and her lips are thin. She also wears earbuds and carries a small white purse with a long strap.

    Magical girl: In magical girl form her clothing changes into a white playboy bunny outfit, and even grows white bunny ears and tail. She gains more curves and gets a D-cup. Her hair grows to reach her elbows and also contains blue highlights. Her lips become more plump. Her wrists have pink cuffs with white buttons and a white collar with a pink bowtie.

    Weapon: She uses a double-headed spear that is 8 feet long with 3 feet spikes. The spikes contain loud speakers, and sports a black color.

    Powers: Sofia's powers depends on what music is playing on the spear.

    Metal/rock: strength boost by 60%
    Dubstep/EDM: Speed boost 70%
    Swing/jazz: regeneration boost 30%
    Sad song: time slows down by 50%
    Asian Pop/Anime: Time speeds up by 50%
    Love: Passion increase and immune to mental attacks
    Orchestral:  Symphony of the Old World

    Symphony of the Old World: The spikes split open and reveal large speakers, epic orchestral blasts out of the speakers giving Sofia the effects of the other types of music but with a 50% boost. Two 10 feet tall and 5 feet wide blue laser spikes emit from the speaker. Able to cut through anything.

    The powers only last as song as the song is, so normally 4 minutes.
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    AM’s Characters  Empty Re: AM’s Characters

    Post by UraniumBikini on Thu 20 Jun 2019, 4:01 pm

    Nara is a kitsune girl standing at 5"4 and is only 2000 years old. She is a protector of the weak and hopeless

    Appearance: Build wise she is average. She looks 20 but with certain signs of aging(grey hairs and wrinkles). She has yellow eyes and black hair bunched into a bun.
    She has f-cup breasts and doesn't wear much clothing, so she wears bandages around her breasts and genital area. These bandages don't shapeshift with her or grow back, they are just there so she isn't nude all the time. She has three tails, they are black with red tips as are her fox ears.

    Personality: She is pretty determined but has been known to be very lazy as well. She spends most of her time in her castle which has been abandon by humans over 500 years ago. She is very friendly towards the people she protects but is seen as somewhat shy towards females.

    Powers: Nara can shapeshift her whole body(or just parts of her) into anything she wants, this could be like an energy cannon or a dragon head. Normally she doesn't need to remove any clothing if she isn't dealing with any big threats, but they always get ripped apart and she would often take the bandages off before fighting just so she doesn't have to get new bandages.

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